I’m a big fan of fakery. If I had my way – and unlimited funds – I’d pretty much get everything ‘done’, all at once, Heidi Montag style…

My glow-up has (so far) included lip fillers, fake tan, hair dye, false nails, and, of course, hair extensions. Whilst I’ve toyed for years with having professional extensions done, I looooove being able to rip out my clip-ins after a long day and scrag up my hair into a homeless-chic bun (gross), so I’m always looking for new hair extension brands to try. I recently toned my blonde ombre, which mean that my old honey-blonde extensions were a little off-colour – so when ClipHair offered to pop me over some new strands in the post, I was like OH YEAH BABY…

I’ve tried A LOT of hair extensions in my time; I’ve found that clip-ins are my preferred method of insertion (ooh-er), and that with the thickness of my hair, single wefts just won’t cut it – I need double, triple or even quad wefted pieces. The ideal length (seriously, this is turning into filth) is 18 inches for me, as my hair is blunt at the ends, so any longer and I start veering dangerously into blocky, step-hem territory; plus, finding the right colour for my hair – which has been legit ruined with years of dying, toning and bleaching – is the ultimate challenge. So would ClipHair meet all my expectations?

extensions: cliphair double wefted set, 18 inches, medium ash brown




If you know me well – or, let’s be real, just at all – you’ll know that I’m a big fan of food. Food in general. All food. But especially nice food, in pretty restaurants; so when I was invited for dinner at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, I was 100% going to attend.

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One brand that I have a mega soft-spot for is Chanel. If you’ve ever stalked my Instagram, or had a gander at my fashion posts on the blog, you’ll notice that the majority of my pictures feature my Chanel Classic Flap Bag – my 18th birthday present from my parents, bought at the Chanel store in Paris (THE DREAM), and the best investment piece ever. I’ve not really bought any handbags over the last six years, as I use my Chanel bag errrrrryday: it still looks as beaut and as on-trend as the day I got it, so my loyalty to Chanel is pretty intense.
So obviously, when the Chanel espadrille obsession started a few years ago, I was firmly on that bandwagon. I wear heels a lot of the time, so shelling out for super-spenny flats isn’t a priority – why waste hundreds of pounds on shoes I’ll wear for nipping to Waitrose, hungover, on a Sunday? – but the allure of the Chanel espadrille was real. I wanted them SO MUCH: in particular, the nude leather pair with the black cap toe; so, because I have the willpower of an emotionally-unstable Weightwatcher in a pie shop, I bought them. Yolo.
Six months down the line with my Chanel espadrilles, and the relationship is starting to get a little shaky. Wondering why – and if they’re worth the eye-watering price of £485 for a bit of rope and canvas? Read on…

espadrilles: chanel



Is dying your hair yourself ever a good idea? TBH, probably not.

I’ve had an ombre style for around a year now, and whilst I love having lighter hair in the summertime, I am noticing that it’s getting gradually warmer and brassier with every wash. Brassy hair is a big no-no in my eyes, so I was on a mission to sort it out ASAP – and, after a quick Google, it turned out that all I really needed was a toner to neutralise some of those coppery tones. I’m legit skint at the moment – moving house is sucking the life out of my bank account – so I’m not inclined to pay for a professional to do it.

After twenty minutes on YouTube watching hair dye tutorials, I decided I was basically a hairdresser (MMMMmmmmKay), so took a stab at toning my brassy hair myself – with mixed results…

almost couture - manchester fashion blog


I put this dress on, and my boyfriend told me I looked like I was wearing a picnic rug. Admittedly, gingham isn’t for everyone, and I swing between thinking it’s adorable and on-trend to nauseatingly twee. At the moment, I fall into the first camp: especially with the warmer weather and light, breezy evenings.

This Asos swing dress is ideal for summer, because it’s airy, oversized and has a bit of a sleeve – which, if you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know is a winner for me; bingo wings are defo not the one. The star of the show, however, are these red M&S heels: the struggle for a comfortable platform is legit real, and I’ve managed to find them, nestled between some Percy Pigs and a caterpillar cake. These shoes are like walking on air, even though they’re sky-high – honestly, I want them in every colour. Soz, bank account…

dress: asos | shoes: marks & spencers | sunglasses: wildfox | bangle: hermes

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