Is dying your hair yourself ever a good idea? TBH, probably not.

I’ve had an ombre style for around a year now, and whilst I love having lighter hair in the summertime, I am noticing that it’s getting gradually warmer and brassier with every wash. Brassy hair is a big no-no in my eyes, so I was on a mission to sort it out ASAP – and, after a quick Google, it turned out that all I really needed was a toner to neutralise some of those coppery tones. I’m legit skint at the moment – moving house is sucking the life out of my bank account – so I’m not inclined to pay for a professional to do it.

After twenty minutes on YouTube watching hair dye tutorials, I decided I was basically a hairdresser (MMMMmmmmKay), so took a stab at toning my brassy hair myself – with mixed results…

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that I went to Ibiza with work last weekend; I was there for the launch of I Saw It First, and had an UHMAZING time. I’m channelling Harvey Dent thanks to my vicious sunburn and I’ve eaten drunk about 20,000 calories, but yolo. (It’s not every day you get to party on a private yacht, yano?)

Being in Ibiza was great, but also somewhat bizarre – I’ve never been before, and it’s definitely got a different vibe to my usual holibob destinations. Here are some things that dancing the weekend away in Beefa taught me…

almost couture - manchester fashion blog


A few months ago, I wrote this post here, which detailed my God-awful beauty routine. Honestly – as much as I love slathering my face in makeup, I’m not great at it whatsoever, and often end up looking like a transvestite Mr Potato Head.

Because I’m dabbling in YouTube at the mo – it’s making me feel a bit sick every time I think about it, NGL – I thought I’d revisit the concept of a TERRIBLE MAKEUP TUTORIAL and show you guys what I get up to in the morning. Feel like making my day? Go give me a sub – I’ll love you forever…

almost couture - manchester fashion blog