I’m a big fan of fakery. If I had my way – and unlimited funds – I’d pretty much get everything ‘done’, all at once, Heidi Montag style…

My glow-up has (so far) included lip fillers, fake tan, hair dye, false nails, and, of course, hair extensions. Whilst I’ve toyed for years with having professional extensions done, I looooove being able to rip out my clip-ins after a long day and scrag up my hair into a homeless-chic bun (gross), so I’m always looking for new hair extension brands to try. I recently toned my blonde ombre, which mean that my old honey-blonde extensions were a little off-colour – so when ClipHair offered to pop me over some new strands in the post, I was like OH YEAH BABY…

I’ve tried A LOT of hair extensions in my time; I’ve found that clip-ins are my preferred method of insertion (ooh-er), and that with the thickness of my hair, single wefts just won’t cut it – I need double, triple or even quad wefted pieces. The ideal length (seriously, this is turning into filth) is 18 inches for me, as my hair is blunt at the ends, so any longer and I start veering dangerously into blocky, step-hem territory; plus, finding the right colour for my hair – which has been legit ruined with years of dying, toning and bleaching – is the ultimate challenge. So would ClipHair meet all my expectations?

extensions: cliphair double wefted set, 18 inches, medium ash brown

I chose the Double Wefted Full Head Set in shade #9 – medium ash brown. They arrived, and the difference between them and my current (revolting) set was phenomenal – they were silky, beautifully tapered at the ends and nicely thick.

I’ll be honest – they were a tiny bit darker than my actual hair, but as I’ve got a whole ombre thang going on, it didn’t look too obvious. They also weren’t as thick as other double-weft extensions that I’ve had before; but, as they were a full set, when they were all layered and blended, they looked fine. They felt amazing, and the clips weren’t obtrusive or noticeable in my hair, which made a welcome change from some of the heavier hairpieces I’ve bought before; is there anything tackier than a clip poking through at the back? (Probably not, TBH.)

All in all? These Cliphair extensions are great, and I would really recommend them if you’re wanting longer, sassier locks. The double-wefted set that I was sent retails at £79.99, which (I think) is a really good price – other brands I’ve used before have been pushing the hundreds – and they’re made from Remy hair, meaning you can wash, style and dry them as you would your normal hair. The dream, no?

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