If you know me well – or, let’s be real, just at all – you’ll know that I’m a big fan of food. Food in general. All food. But especially nice food, in pretty restaurants; so when I was invited for dinner at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, I was 100% going to attend.

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A golf club as well as a hotel, the Grill In The Park restaurant has recently had a facelift; it’s very cute inside, with a paved courtyard outside and live  music playing all evening. My boyfriend is an avid golfer (read: abandons me on the weekends to ‘play nine holes’ and drink beer), so I’d definitely be up for cocktails in the courtyard whilst he flailed around on a golf course.

Upon arrival, the bloggers were shown how to make some cocktails in our private dining area; I’m considerably better at drinking them than making them, and glugged down the freshly-made Cosmo like a champ.

Next came choosing food, which is arguably my favourite activity. Because I’d effectively starved myself at work all day, I was famished, so demolished the goat’s cheese arancini in about thirty seconds flat: how DELISH does this look? (FYI: it tasted good, too.)

Mains was a bit of a mixed bag, but, admittedly, I’m a stickler for steak; I ordered the fillet – cooked blue – and it was more medium-rare. I would eat raw meat at the dinner table if it were socially acceptable (steak tartare is the one), so usually I would have sent the steak back: however, hunger won out. Everything got a thumbs-up emoji for seasoning, though – the overcooking of the steak wasn’t that big of a deal, and I powered through ate it all.

Food with a bit of theatrics always tickles my pickle, so the chocolate pot with assorted garden-themed extras was cute. The watering-can cheesecake was a bit strange, but the actual chocolate mousse situation was the dream – more of that, please…

If you want to book dinner at the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country club, you can do so here – if you fancy reading some more info, check out their website, too.

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