For the past week or so, I’ve had a bit of an impromptu social media hiatus. It’s been totally by accident; to be totally honest, I just didn’t have any sassy pictures to post, so Instagram kind of took a back seat – and Twitter followed suit.

A week without being glued to VSCO and SnapSeed has been, admittedly, kind of refreshing – but, on the other hand, it’s made me realise quite how obsessed I am with the whole blogger lifestyle thaaaaang. Over the past few days, I’ve taken a look at my social media habits a little more retrospectively, and, in truth? I’m not all that comfortable with what I’ve noticed. It’s made me think: is blogging – and the associated social media addiction that naturally comes with it – ruining my relationships?

boots: missguided | jacket: river island | watch: burberry | bracelet: hermes

I’m the first to admit that I’ve got a hella addictive personality – remember when I tried to give up online shopping? – and, combined with my love of selfies and habit of over-sharing, it’s no surprise that I’m a little obsessed with blogging and social media. What started as an as-and-when project in my Uni bedroom has evolved into something a lot more time consuming, and expensive; I’ve bought several cameras, heaps of clothes and a goes-without-saying MacBook for the sole purpose of blogging – which, given I’m hardly a high-profile influencer, seems a lot of dolla to throw away.

The monetary cost isn’t the only downside; I’m turning into one of those rude, social-media-obsessed monsters that can’t hold a conversation for more than thirty seconds without turning to Instagram. I’m constantly on the hunt for the next feed-friendly photo to take, and will spend my mornings making flatlays instead of hanging with my boyfriend. Getting the girls together consists of half an hour of chatting, then selfies and filtering and tagging, so by the end of the afternoon, you’ve barely spoken. Honestly – it’s a problem…

I was never the type that had hobbies when I was younger – I did a bunch of extra-curriculars, sure, but nothing that really stuck. Now I’m an adult armed with Instagram filters and the cheapest DSLR money can buy, I rationalise this obsession as the hobby I never had – but at what cost?

Taking a break from blogging and social – if only for ten days or so – made me hyper-aware of how often I pick up my phone, and how many unnecessary staged photos I take, and how much I ignore the real world in favour of Twitter beef.  Before I turn into a hermit – locked in my bedroom with repetitive strain injury from refreshing my follower count – I reckon it’s time to strip back on posting and have a bit of a breather. Not totally, but enough to actually enjoy my days without feeling the need to take that perfect shot – you know, to prove I was having a good time. Pics – or it didn’t happen…

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  1. I’ve been blogging for a little over 3 years now and I can totally relate. I’ve taken a slight step back. I used to post 3 times a week, but now it usually just once a week, sometimes twice if I have the time. I have a list of upcoming posts to work on, but I just pick and choose. I love to write/blog, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it, you know?

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  2. GIRLLL I am in the exact same boat. I took a little break from social media and it honestly changed my life. I had so much time to myself and so much time to actually think about life and be in the conversations that I was having. I love social media but I do spend a lot of time on it and most of the time its so unhealthy. I’ve come up with a schedule to kinda control myself and actually live life 🙂

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  3. Wait. You bought clothes? At the height of my insanity I was being given clothing, beauty products, shoes, light bulbs, washing powder, soap and finally money. Which is the only reason I kept going. I loved the deliveries! But I hated my fake privilege. Who am I to get free stuff when others are homeless?

    Now I’m cured of the madness, my blog is automated and I use my powers to promote myself. My life is boringly real, no fashion shows or blogger events and I love it. I have time to meet people and be a basic, and I love it. Blogging is just a fantasy that feels like stardom. You’re better off stepping back and not taking it seriously.

    Thanks for this awesome post! It reminded me of what I’m not missing. 🌞


  4. This was a great post! It’s crucial we learn to maintain a balance between social media and real life, otherwise too much social media can definitely become counterproductive and start affecting our mental and emotional health. I had a friend who went through something similar in high school, but with Tumblr instead. All our conversations would somehow revert back to Tumblr and about how many followers or reblogs she had. She started drifting away from friends because of it as well. Luckily she was able to realise how detrimental it was becoming and grew out of the phase. I think blogging is a fantastic hobby, and a really good outlet for expression and creativity. However, it’s all about sustainable use, and like you said, it’s important and healthy to take a break from social media every now and then!


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