Isn’t it a bummer when you’ve wanted something for ages, and when you finally buy it, it’s a massive let-down? That’s the emotional rollercoaster I’m on RN – with the super cute – yet hideously uncomfortable – Stella McCartney Binx Loafers. Boo…

dress: monki | trainers: stella mccartney

Ever since the Elyse trainers became a huge hit at Fashion Week last year, I’ve wanted to get my sticky little hands on a pair. At nearly £600 a pop for shoes which will undoubtedly slide off the fashion radar in the next few months, I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy them (#rent) – so I opted for the (considerably cheaper) Binx loafers instead.

They’re the shoe equivalent, I think, of Marmite: rose-gold, printed with stars, with a platform sole and metallic finish. Dreamy, yo. My boyfriend looked as if he’d been a bit sick in his nose when he saw them, and some of my friends hate them; but I legit didn’t care. That is, until I tried wearing them for the very first time.

I’ve always thought Stella McCartney was a bit of a swizz; if I’m paying big bucks for shoes and bags, I want real leather – which the brand refuses to work with. Whilst it’s great to have principles, I’d effectively shelled out my hard-earned(ish) dolla for plastic shoes – and within five minutes of wear, I could tell that these pretty platforms were going to shred my feet to pieces. They’re slippy inside and slide off the backs of my ankles; they’re hard and stiff against my feet (ooh-er), and crease like crazy across the front. I knew within fifteen minutes that these shoes were a mistake – but they’re so beautiful, they’ll undoubtedly sit on my shelves for years to come, like an extremely spenny ornament. Luckily, this oversized Monki dress is the epitome of comfort, especially in the sunshine we’ve been having recently – so I guess one out of two ain’t bad.

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