At the moment, I’d probably describe my life as organised chaos – which, realistically, is a polite and diplomatic way of saying it’s all gone a bit mental in the last few months. Comparing my life four weeks ago to how it is today is crazy – so much has changed in such a short space of time, and in the interest of oversharing on the internet, I thought I’d tell you all about it. Lucky you…


Sweet Jesus: I’m finally moving house. Halle-bloody-lujah…

I’ve mentioned before about the fact that I effectively live in the sticks of the North (note to self: research the area you move to next time…), but recently it’s really been getting to me; my commute is now over an hour – which isn’t too bad with flexible hours, but still – and I’m becoming more and more aware that there’s absolutely naff-all to do once I finish work. Schlepping into Manchester whenever I fancy doing anything is becoming an absolute drain, so I finally bullied convinced my boyfriend that we had to move, otherwise my head was going to explode. Luckily, he listened: we’ve found a lovely house in Bramhall and get the keys mid-July, and I literally CANNOT WAIT.

We’re currently in the process of doing all that adult stuff that comes with moving – hiring a man with a van (which, if you’re on the hunt for a good company to get this sorted for you, take a look at Bidvine; they get quotes for you from a load of different companies so you can compare. The DREAM when you’re swamped with grown-up moving drama), swapping the meters over, dealing with council tax – but, honestly, if it was up to me, I’d move in tomorrow.


You probably all know about this already, because I’ve become one of those irritating people that brags about their jobs on social media – honestly, I’d want to punch myself in the face at this point…

If you’ve not heard, I left my last job in April and threw myself into the city centre – THERE’S UBER AND STARBUCKS HERE! – to work for two new fashion brands; one of which – I Saw It First – I’ve waffled on about here, as I got whisked off to Ibiza for the launch party in my third week. (This is actually my life now – can we take a minute to absorb how mega that is?)

The perks of my new role are insane: working in the city is immense, the people are lovely, and I get the opportunity to work with some of the most influential players in the Manchester fashion scene. The hours are a lot more employee-friendly, too, and I’m literally revelling in having the flexibility to manage my own time – no more 7am starts for me…

Changing jobs was terrifying, as I moved up North specifically for my last position – so there was a lot riding on this. I can honestly say that my stress levels have decreased so much recently, and I get to spend more time with my boyfriend and friends, so I kind of feel like I’m (VOM) living the dream. Hate me yet?


Oh, God: this makes me die a bit inside, I can’t even begin to tell you…

Working in marketing – and working with bloggers and influencers – has made me realise quite how much video comes into play these days. It seems like the next natural step in blogging is vlogging, so I’ve taken the plunge and attempted YouTube. Going to be totally honest here – I sort of hate it: seeing myself on camera has made me realise quite how much of a double chin I’m rocking (don’t see that one on my Insta, do you?) and – let’s be real – no one likes hearing themselves speak, do they? I also JUST DON’T GET the YouTube algorithm – I’m struggling to understand how to actually get people to watch you, and my subscribers list is remaining stubbornly at sub-100. When you’ve got a fairly good handle on other social media platforms, not quite getting one is a weird feeling…

TBH: I’ll probably end up deleting my channel soon, but I’m giving it a fair whack to see quite how much it makes me cringe. (Currently: a lot.)

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