OOH, I love a good divisive post. If you’ve read my blog for a while (anyone?), you may have taken a  look at Unpopular Opinions, which is where I unleashed all of my not-so-conventional thoughts on you; and, because it’s been a while, I thought I’d carry on the tradition with the imaginatively-titled Unpopular Opinions 2. Because you can never be too argumentative, right?

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Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne have called their child Bear, which I’m almost certain is a form of child cruelty. (Also, isn’t Bear Payne the way a Geordie would describe stubbing their toe? As in: I stubbed my toe, I was in bare pain, lad.) The name sucks, Cheryl.

Marmite is delicious, especially with poached eggs. Who doesn’t love a bit of yeast in the morning? Yaaaas.

Megan Markle is yet another Royal spouse who needs to go away. I don’t care she was ‘spotted near Harry’s London home’. I don’t care that ‘they may be married within the year’. Stop, please.

Oh, and Pippa Middleton’s wedding? I’m already bored of it.

Public transport and I will never get on. My new job is a bit of a trek away, so the general consensus is that I should get the train or drive to the tram; errrrm, no thanks, kids. I just can’t do it; it’s too crowded and unreliable and I’ll always be sweaty when I get off. Vom.

You can never wear too much fake tan. Honestly, I’m such a slut for St. Moriz. I’d always rather be orange than pale – I’m talking Wotsit-coloured. Oompa-Loompa vibes. That’s why I’ve got dark towels…

I genuinely didn’t give two hoots about the blogger Instagram-bot scandal. Ugh: another day, another blogging drama where people shout at each other over Twitter. I get that it’s a bit crappy, but the rage coming from the blogosphere was intense, y’all; people cheat, and that sucks, but there are SO MANY BLOGGERS in the world that Samantha buying 1000 followers probably won’t affect you directly. Can’t we all love each other, like that girl in Meal Girls with the cakes and smiles?

I’d always rather buy things rather than travel. I saw someone post on Twitter that they’d rather go and make memories over buying a designer handbag; honestly lads, that’s just not me. I’m so shallow and materialistic (plus, hate flying) that I’d take a Gucci bag over a week-long holibobs to Majorca. I’ll just sit outside in the bracing British sunshine for a few hours every day. That’s the same, surely?

Kim Kardashian’s ass could be double the size, and I’d still love her. 

Other people’s dogs suck. I like my own dog, but I don’t want yours licking my face and trying to mount my leg. Please don’t show me fifty photos of Fido on your iPhone: it will literally bore me to tears. Cats, on the other hand: I will hang out with your cat all day long. No problem.

DisneyWorld is for children, not adults. My father, to this day, tries to take me to Florida every year, as we used to go when I was little. I cannot get my head round why people enjoy Disney who are adults, but I do acknowledge that this may be me being dark and cynical; NGL, I’m not exactly full of childlike whimsy and wonder.

RedBull is elixir of the Gods. I would honestly drink RedBull all day everyday if it wouldn’t rot my teeth and make my heart explode.

Oh, and skimmed milk tastes no different than semi- or whole-milk. Honestly, why does everyone moan when I get it out of my fridge?

Emma Watson was a bit rubbish in Beauty and the Beast. TBH, I find her seriously overrated anyway, but I thought her acting was scrunch-your-face-up cringe in BATB. She’ll never not be Hermione to me…

I will only tip in a restaurant if the service is good, not just ‘cos. I know this one makes me devil-spawn (and yes, I have worked in the food industry before), but I don’t get people who tip when the service has been rubbish-slash-average. Isn’t a tip meant to be if they’ve done something above and beyond? And yes: I am one of those people who will ask for the service charge to be removed if the service sucked. DON’T HATE ME.

Hate me yet? Honestly, I’m a nice person really. Ish.

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6 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS 2

  1. Yesss to ‘another royal that needs to go away’! LMAO. And Pippa Middletons wedding- yawn! The tipping thing I can’t feel ya on though, unless the service is horrible I always tip as sometimes shit happens thats out of the server’s control. I live in Canada so we have really high standards for service. I hate tipping at cafes and for taxi’s however!


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