Not going to lie: I’ve pretty much destroyed my hair over the years. My crimes have included bleaching it myself in my University bathroom; dying it bright red every other week using peroxide I bought off eBay; cutting my own fringe with blunt kitchen scissors; you get the picture.

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to give my hair some TLC. That means deep-conditioning, careful combing, and shying away from the intense heat of straighteners, opting for a curly blow-dry instead. (Aren’t I good?) However, as I wear clip-in hair extensions pretty much every day, it can be tricky to blend them in neatly if you’re not blow-drying those, too. Blocky, laddered extennys are so not the one. So, if you’re wondering how to do a curly blow-dry whilst wearing clip-in hair extensions, take a peek below for a seamless, LOOK HOW NATURAL head of hair. You’re welcome.

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extensions: beauty works 20″ in blondette

  1. Prep your hair. As much of a fag as washing your hair is, you’re going to have to bite the bullet for this one; whilst a bit of grease gives body and volume, chip-fat roots are not the dream. If you can deep condition with a masque or cream, DO IT. Your hair will love you for it.
  2. Prep your hair extensions. Gals, I cannot stress how seriously you need to look after your clip-ins; I spent years wearing gross, matted extensions because I didn’t realise you could wash them (ew. I’m disgusting). Give them a scrub with shampoo and leave conditioner in overnight if you can; comb them through and trim any split ends away using super-sharp scissors. Clean and fresh extensions give the best blow-dry – duh – and my favourites are Beauty Works 20″ Remy Extensions. I wear shade Blondette, if you’re wondering…

    Curly Blow Dry Hair Extensions 2

  3. Roughly dry your hair (and your extensions). Use the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer, if you have one, and roughly dry your locks. I’d slap a bit of heat protection on beforehand too, because I’m a goddamn saint.
  4. Segment your hair, and clip in your hair extensions. Clip in your extensions as you would normally; when you start blowdrying them, they’re going to move around a bit, so try and get them as secure in the hair as you possibly can. Give the whole thing a comb, and try not to panic – this is the point where it looks a bit of a car crash. It’ll get better, I promise.

    Curly Blow Dry Hair Extensions 3

  5. Use some blow-dry brushes, like Pro BloThe easiest way to do a curly blow-dry when you’ve got extensions in is to use roller brushes – big, round barrel brushes which detach from the handle and clip in the hair (just like rollers). When using my extensions, I’ll use the full set of Pro Blo CurlMe Deluxe, but with my shorter hair 6 brushes will do.
    Starting from the bottom up, segment your hair again, this time including the extensions. Blast the first section with heat, and run the brush through the hair/extension a few times to smooth the follicle and evenly distribute the warmth; then, roll the brush from the bottom of the extensions up to the scalp, making sure to catch all your hair on the way. Use a clip to secure the chunk in place, and heat the curl once more before moving on to the next section.
  6. Let your rollers cool for (at least) 15 minutes. Once you’re decked out in rollers (like this – great look, right?), GO DO SOMETHING ELSE. Seriously, the  longer you leave these in, the better they’ll look – usually, I’ll do my makeup and fanny around trying to find a decent outfit once my rollers are in.

    Curly Blow Dry Hair Extensions

  7. Carefully take out your rollers – be gentle so you don’t disturb the curl or rip out your extensions. Start from the bottom, and don’t yank them – roll the brush out the way it went in to avoid snagging or tangling.
  8. HAIRSPRAY THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR HAIR. Once I’ve removed all my rollers, I can look a bit My-Big-Fat-Gyspy-Wedding-ish, but that’s okay – don’t fret. Spritz your hair with hairspray, and then…
  9. Comb out any super-curly bits with your fingers. This gives the curls even more volume, and more of a natural, blended look.
  10. Make sure all your extensions are still secure. I’ve been known to tug half the clips out when blow-drying my hair, so once the curls are in place, I make sure all the wefts are clipped correctly in place, and haven’t come loose.

No more straightening your extennys separately, or having uneven curls – by using detachable round brushes, you can have the perfect curly blow-dry even when wearing hair extensions. Magic, right?

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