I wish I was cool.

You probably know what I mean by cool, because, at some points in all our lives, we’ll come across somebody who embodies the chilled-out vibe of a proverbial cucumber. You know: that girl in your class at school who always had the latest backpack and was allowed to wear chunky-heeled Kickers, whilst we trailed behind in StartRite loafers. The guy at Uni who played the guitar whilst leaning casually against an oak tree, had great teeth and always got a first, even when he didn’t attend any lectures. The woman at work who looks effortlessly stunning in her staff photo and gets all the IT guys to fix her computer at the snap of a wrist. Those people are what I think of as the cool kids: those who just have it – undefinable, stylish, look-at-me it. 

So, in my quest to be one of those cool kids, I’m re-evaluating my current wardrobe. Any pieces that make me feel a bit sweaty behind the knees with their naffness? Binned. That leaves me with not much, TBH, because the vast majority of my wardrobe sucks; so it’s time to invest in some slightly more current and trend-led pieces to fill the gaps. Want to know what I’m eyeing up, and what the cool kids would almost certainly wear? Take a look below at some of my picks from the new oh-so-stylish And/Or range from John Lewis

That LA-vibe denim that goes with everything

John Lewis And Or Denim

Denim and I previously haven’t got on: I’m going to hazard a guess here and say that’s because I usually buy cheap jeans, wear them to death, and swiftly ruin them. So, what’s the plan here? Investment denim, that’s what: pieces that are high-quality, but still have that city-chic look that means they make any outfit a damn-sight better. And, spoiler alert: denim doesn’t just equate to jeans. Revolutionary, right? I’m eyeing up this oversized shirt-dress which says let’s get Pinkberry after work, and this embroidered denim jacket which says I’m channelling Kim Kardashian, just cooler. And these acid-rinsed jeans? They’re saying: Lily, please don’t ruin us with fake tan.

That injection of super sassy animal print

John Lewis And Or Leopard

You guys know me: I’m an absolute sucker for animal prints in any form, but especially on my tootsies. Because it’s been vaguely warm recently, I’m officially declaring it summertime, so I’m definitely going to snag some open-toed beauties to top up my safari shoe collection – worn with muted block tones, obvs, because that’s how the cool kids do it. Personal faves have to be these flatforms (which I would literally wear to death with flippy cotton dresses), these thong sandals which would be perf for the pool, and (because a block heel is always a winner for me), these statement heels.

Those flowy and fabulous loose silhouettes

John Lewis And Or Loose

Oh hey – this is a trend I can totally get on the back of. Because looking cool is all about being effortless, nothing says I woke up like this like loose, flowy silhouettes that are super-easy to style: think The OC circa 2005 and Lauren Conrad’s boho days on The Hills. This Breton tee needs to get in my wardrobe immediately – think of the blazer layering possibilities – and the colour of this bardot number is amaze. I also want to stick this monochrome blouse over all the leather skinnies.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my wardrobe transition – in the meantime, if you’ve not already, give And/Or at John Lewis a peek. You can thank me later.

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*this post was in collaboration with John Lewis


6 thoughts on “*SS17 TRENDS FOR THE COOL KIDS

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  2. I love the denim, I have similar problems to you with that in the past but I got some more expensive jeans (though not really because they’re from TK Maxx) and hoping the better quality means they won’t go the way of frayed cuffs and wearing like those in the past. I kind of want all of those sandals, I do love a good animal print, and those thong sandals are so pretty! I have a feeling I may end up gaining some things for my wardrobe this year, there are so many things I like coming out.

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