I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I LOVE INSTAGRAM. I’m vain, and I like flatlays/pictures of cats/interior decor porn – so Insta is definitely the app for me. Holllllla.

I’m trying to get my Instagram feed in order (is that the lamest sentence EVER? If any non-bloggers read this, they probably think my life is super tragic), so I’m making sure to up my photo editing game – especially as it used to look like this. Ugh.

Dolly Parton once said it took a lot of money to look so cheap; and, for me, it takes a lot of faffing around to get my feed looking so mediocre. If you want to know how I do it, take a peek below…

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The first app that I will always use is SnapSeed. I’ve only discovered this recently, thanks to reading a whole host of other ‘how bloggers edit their Instagram pictures’ posts – and it’s literally changed my life for the better. No joke.

I’m trying to keep a whitewashed theme on my feed, so I want an app which decreases saturation. SnapSeed has a brush tool which allows you to desaturate parts of your photos to make them whiter – you do this yourself, which means you can leave focal colour points and avoid a grayscale look all over.

Once I’ve desaturated, I use the exposure brush to brighten the photo. Usually, I’ll brighten the background +0.7 and leave the focus a little darker with +0.3 – just to really make it stand out.


I’ve had VSCO on my phone for a zillion years, and never really knew what to do with it – all the filters are pretty intense, so weren’t great for my (pretty basic) selfie game. However, I’ve got back into using it recently: filter F2 whacks up the white and adds some contrast to your colours, so is a nice one to use if you’re a fan of bright white spaces. I never put this filter up to full, though – usually, I’ll keep it on about 6-7 to make sure the photo doesn’t look too dramatic.


At this point, I’ll usually use Instagram to finish the photo off. I use the Clarendon filter (another one which really whitens the white – can you see a theme here?), but only use it to about 20%, as it can give images a blue tint. Brightness, contrast and sharpen are all tweaked at this stage, too.


My FAVOURITE Instagram tool has to be UNUM. This app lets you play around with your photos to create a perfect feed – before you post – so you can work out what looks good where. (I’m really bad at uploading a picture, looking at it on my actual feed and instantly deleting because it looks a bit wonky – screw the algorithm).

You can also schedule to Instagram, too, so it’s a handy little app when you’re too busy to upload. Which, for me, is never. Duh.




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