I think I’m basically perfect, TBH. However, because I’m a humble and realistic person, I do acknowledge that I’ve got a few bad habits that probably need keeping in check every now and then; after all, even diamonds have their flaws. #amirite?

Fancy finding out what my worst habits are? Take a peek below…

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Now, personally, I don’t particularly see this as a bad habit. However, it’s the main thing that people moan at me about – “why are you so self-deprecating all the time?” – so I suppose it should make the list, really.

It’s true that I am fairly hard on myself – but frankly, I’d rather get in there before someone else does. (Plus, isn’t self-depreciating humour the best kind?) And I know that there are some things that I’m good at or some qualities that I have which are good, so I’m not saying I’m an AWFUL person or anything. I mean, I’ve got quite straight teeth. And I can play the piano quite well. And sometimes I can be quite funny. So really, I’m not all bad.


Even deciding on a name for this blog post took about three years. Genuinely. I cannot decide on ANYTHING – like what I want for dinner, or what I want to do at the weekend, or whether to buy those shoes from Asos or not. My brain ticks over with all these possible scenarios when I need to make a decision, and it feels like I’m Gwynnie in Sliding Doors and one wrong move could change my entire life.

Wearing Too Much Makeup

Again, another one which I don’t think is a bad habit – but it is something I’ll need to wean myself off in the future. You can’t be 45 with heavy highlight and Kim-K-esque contour to do the school run, can you? (Maybe you can, and I’ll be one of those trendy soccer moms that drive a 4×4 and wear false lashes to PTA meetings. My kids will hate me sooooo bad.)


Now: I’d like to clarify there’s a difference between being MESSY and being DIRTY. Frankly, I think being messy is the lesser of the two evils – but maybe I’m biased.

I am admittedly terrible at putting anything away or tidying or generally KEEPING MY SHIT TOGETHER. Once I take my clothes off, they’ll live on the floor for about a week until my boyfriend moans long enough gently reminds me to move them; I forget to put food away when I’m cooking; I leave blunt razors all over the shower and stuff the towel awkwardly behind the radiator rather than folding it (my boyfriend’s particular favourite trait of mine. Soz.) Basically, I’m a nightmare, and claim that bleaching the bathroom once a month counts as my share of the chores. Lol.

Getting Fake Tan On Everything

Like, everything. As this photo proves.

Online Shopping

I can online shop for England. If there was a World Cup championship (or whatever it’s called) for getting the best sale buy from Asos, I’d probably win. Or at least be a solid contender. I can spend HOURS and HUNDREDS OF POUNDS on numerous websites without a second thought, and my entire life is trekking back and forth from the post-room at work returning parcels or picking up deliveries. (Alan in the post-room now knows me by name. We’re firm friends.)

Checking My Phone

A habit I do think warrants some concern: the amount of time I spend on my phone. And the thing is – I’m never really doing anything on there, just refreshing the same four apps over and over and over and over again. It annoys my parents, it annoys my boyfriend and it probably annoys my friends, so it’s one of those things that I should keep an eye on. (Plus, I legit think I’m getting a repetitive strain injury from checking Instagram so often. Should I call 112?)

Making Excuses

TBH, I view this as a talent – but I can make excuses for just about anything. I can justify not doing something or slacking off in my head allllll day long: why did I eat a whole cheesecake today? Why haven’t I done the laundry? Why have I snoozed my alarm for the fourth time? (You get the picture.) This is defo one to stop doing in 2k17 (NEW YEAR NEW ME), so watch this space for an excuse-free year. Maybe.

Come tell me about your bad habits – I love to hear that I’m not the only bad egg around…



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