Let’s have a scathing look back at some of the horrors of my #ootds, shall we? Happy New Year!

coat: missguided | jeans and top: asos


What is that topknot? Why are all my clothes so creased? Why did I not mind that you could CLEARLY see my bra through my jumper?



Obviously, I’m a lighthearted person because LOOK HOW MUCH I’M LAUGHING! I hated this sweater – it itched like a bitch. Plus, the topknot is still there. Are those WEDGED trainers? (Yes.)



This was obviously the month that my arm fell off. Oh, no – I’m just hiding it behind me for some weird reason. I barely wore those jeans because the rips were so big, I used to get my knees stuck in the holes (ohher) when getting out of the car. Fashion, right? Wrong.



Those brows, tho. That’s some heavy pencilling-in. Why am I wearing a fur snood in spring? And I must try and find that leather jacket again…



School reunion time here: I love this Lavish Alice blazer, but it’s a little bit big for me so I don’t wear it as much as I’d like. I bought these Valentino Rockstuds for my birthday, so they’re all over the blog in the weeks after…



I have literally NO IDEA where this skirt is now, which makes me sad because it looks quite cute here. Valentinos are back (obvs), and whilst I quite like this outfit, that necklace NEEDS to go.

Father's DAy (6)


I wore this dress for my work summer do, and loved the fit of it – but it didn’t really translate through the photos, and I actually think it’s quite unflattering here. I had black heels to wear with this look, but they broke last minute (dream), so had to wear the nude sandals – which don’t go whatsoever. Bummer.



This Moschino body was actually a swimsuit, bought in preparation for my holiday to Spain in September. I loved the colour of the rose-gold Missguided heels, but they were so uncomfy – so they’re currently living at the back of my wardrobe, feeling unloved.



I never thought I’d feel confident enough to post pictures of myself in a swimming costume on the internet, and this photo does make me die a bit inside. I loved this one-piece from Mara Hoffman at MyBag – although I am somewhat blending in with the palm trees behind me.



I’ve really got this sullen, moody thing down, haven’t I? I’m wearing Kenzo X H&M here, and I kept this jumper for precisely ten minutes before realising I’d spent £60 on a sweatshirt and selling it on eBay. Oops.



I rarely take a collection of photos where I’m like YAAAAS QUEEN, but I really liked all the pictures from this blog post. I’m in head-to-toe Missguided here, and, as you can probably guess from the FREEZING FOG in the background, shivered my nips off. Lovely.



You can tell it’s winter: I’m smiling, so it must be cold enough for hell to freeze over. #restingbitchface, amirite? I love this duster jacket and booties, and have waxed lyrical about them everywhere. Oversized coats FTW.


Hopefully, this time next year will see even more #ootds; but if not, it’s been a ball. Have a fabulous new year, kids!



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