EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, because I’ve actually done it. I’ve found a foundation that I DON’T HATE. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Vichy Dermablend has become increasingly popular recently, and because I unapologetically follow the herd and I’m a huge sucker for a marketing ploy (as discussed previously here), I decided to try both the foundation and the setting powder. Yolo, innit.

vichy dermablend setting powder: lookfantastic | vichy dermablend total body corrective foundation: lookfantastic

So: issues I usually have with foundation are lack of coverage, feeling oily, and wear throughout the day. I often find that thick foundations that claim to be long-lasting don’t cover evenly, and go patchy across my nose and T-zone, and it’s real trial and error to find one that works.

My usual go-to foundation is Estee Lauder Doublewear, but it’s admittedly spenny – especially because I wear full makeup every day, so I get through the bottles super speedily. I finished my last bottle this week, so went on the hunt for something similar but cheaper – and decided on Vichy Dermablend.


I opted for the Vichy Dermablend Total Body Foundation, rather than the one specifically designed for yo’ face. Firstly, I couldn’t tell a difference between the two of them – I was going to get shade Nude 25 in the normal one, and Light in the Total Body is pretty much identical. Secondly, because I’m a frugal cow, you get 100ml of product in the Total Body vs 30ml in the other, so it’s more economical to get the larger tube.

Initial impressions? Hate the packaging (cheap), but actually love it’s in a tube – I always waste so much foundation when I pour out too much onto the sponge, so being able to control the amount is a dream.

Vichy Dermablend Swatch Light

The product is thicker than Doublewear, but still glides onto the skin nicely, and buffs out perfectly with an oval brush or beauty blender. I got shade light, which was perfect for me – I have pale skin but wear fake tan, so dithered between light and medium, but light is definitely darker than I was anticipating.

Coverage is fab, and LASTS. ALL. DAY. Seriously, it didn’t move. Can I get a #praisethelaaaaaawd please?

Vichy Dermablend Review

The Vichy Dermablend powder is also a treat. Bit of a weird one, but my favourite thing about this powder is the actual compact – I HATE sifters because I can never get the powder out, but this one has decent sized holes (oh, matron) which means the product comes out super easily. Plus, it comes with a puff. Love.

I use this powder for baking: so I’ll apply it liberally all over the foundation to set, dust off, then put a thick layer down my nose/chin/cheekbones to bake. It’s white in the pot, but goes on clear, so it’s not adding any colour to your face, and it stays matte all day – yaaaaaaaas qween.

You need this in your life, okay? Get it here – you’re welcome.




  1. Funny this is called Dermablend because we have a brand I. The States called Dermablend. Their loose setting powder is my current favorite high end setting powder. It locks in any foundation and doesn’t cause backflash.


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