I think I’m really easy to buy for at Christmas, because if it’s shiny or smells nice (weird) I probably love it. Because all I seem to do is online shop, I’ve got an extremely long and rambling Christmas wishlist that comes to thousands of pounds, so I’m doubtful I’ll ever actually manage to get my hands on all this clobber unless I snag a sugar daddy. However, if you fancy buying me a present, take a peek below.

Cocolux Sweet Pomegranate Candle | Wandered into Selfridges (my spiritual home) the other week, and nearly spent my entire pay check on these candles – but then stopped myself, because gas bill.

Thierry Mugler Angel Candle  | One of my favourite perfumes, you have no idea how excited I am that you can BUY IT IN CANDLE FORM because candles are literally the best things in the world.

Thierry Mugler Alien Candle | See above. Duh.

*Bodum Chambord Copper Coffee Maker | Is this the MOST social media friendly coffee prop in the world? I think it actually might be.

Christmas Wishlist 1.jpg

Broste Copenhagen Marble Trinket Box | I love anything marble, and Broste Copenhagen is quickly becoming one of my fave brands. It’s got that very Scandi vibe that I wish I could emulate (but just can’t because I’m a messy hoarder), and I need this box of cuteness in my life.

Broste Copenhagen Square Marble Chopping Board  | Not going to lie: would 100% solely use this for Instagram.

Dinky Copper Pineapple | Again, another Instagrammable prop, but if it’s copper and in the shape of exotic fruit you can guarantee I want it.

Slightly Larger Copper Pineapple  | Surely you need both sizes?

*Katie Loxton Happiness Candles | The packaging on these candles is gorgeous, and they smell even better. This one smells like oranges and mangoes and vanilla, and it’s so utterly yummy and cosy you NEED one in your life. ASAP.

Christmas wishlist 2.jpg

Burberry Large Cashmere Scarf  | Monogrammed with my initials, too. Obviously. I tried the smaller version of this scarf on recently and apparently I’ve got a fat neck because it barely went around it, so the large one is a must. Or losing weight. One of the two.

Bottega Rose Gold Prosecco | Gets me tipsy, looks pretty.

Tom Dixon Copper Wine Glasses | Literally ANYTHING by Tom Dixon is welcome in my home, but I drink wine basically all the time so these are perf.

Prada Candy EDP  | I love this perfume, and I’ve run out. It’s one of those that I never buy myself because it’s slightly more spenny than I’d like for an everyday scent, so I hang on resolutely until Christmas to beg for it.

Christmas wishlist 3.jpg

Artis Brush Set | I’ve got the large Artis brush and love it, so basically, I need the full set. That retails for £300 (vom) so this is, you know, the cheaper and therefore more attainable option. Or something.

*skinChemists Advanced Caviar Day Moisturiser | Basically the closest thing to surgery in a pot. I’ll do a full review on this soon, but just know: it’s amazing, and I need more.

Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette | LOVE Illamasqua. LOVE contour. What’s not to like?

Alexander McQueen Leather Peep-Toe Booties | My McQ shoes are the comfiest heels I’ve ever owned, so I’m clamming to get my hands on this bootie-esque pair. Size 7 plzandthanku.

Christmas wishlist 4.jpgcropped-2a1.jpg

*some products have kindly been provided for review



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