Here’s a totally non-shocking piece of news for you all: I’m REALLY LAZY. One aspect of life where I’m especially Slack-Alice is my skincare: I’ve been blessed with fairly problem-free skin, so I am a splash some water on it and go kind of girl. I’ve had the same tub of Sudocrem in my bedside table for about three years, and there’s a bottle of toner on my bathroom shelf that I bought in Uni that I’ve never got round to opening – I just CBA with all that nonsense. (Bad, I know.)

So when I got the opportunity to have a whack at the Magnitone, I wasn’t exactly expecting the world to stop turning or anything – I mean, how amazing could it be?

magnitone london barefaced vibra-sonic daily cleansing brush (gold) : the hut

The Magnitone I have is here, from The Hut, and it a) looks really pretty and b) basically does what it says it does. Concise review, right?

I’ll be totally honest: initially, I feel it may have been a little lost on me, because after first use, my skin felt no different whatsoever, and looked exactly the same. I continued using it throughout the week, and luckily didn’t experience any breakouts – a lot of people mention this in their reviews, as their skin isn’t used to such deep cleansing – and my skin started feeling softer, but I’m not sure if that’ s just because I was actually using nice facial washes ( for once. And not just hand-soap or cold tap water. I am actually the worst type of person ever.)

Admittedly, it’s a good product to use if you’re not great at following a skincare regime, as mine definitely has been yanked up a few notches. The Magnitone has left my skin feeling slightly better, but nothing major; I think maybe I’d see a better result if I had oily/dry/problematic skin?

I feel this review isn’t really a review, as I’m just left a bit cold and blasé about the whole thing. Like, it’s one of those products where I just don’t have much to say about it – and that never happens to me…

If you’re dithering over whether to try the Magnitone, do it – what have you really got to lose? – and try and get the gold one, because it’s beaut. Hopefully you’ll have a stronger opinion about it than I do…



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