I am a massive interior design slut, because if it’s shiny, coppery or useless-but-adorable, I’ll willingly let it into my home. If you’ve ever wondered what makes my house a home (I mean, you probably haven’t, but whatever), take a peek inside here…

roses: blossoming gifts (get 33% off bouquets with code BGIFTS33)

I love fresh flowers; I always choose white roses because I think they look DEAD CLASSY (plus they look beaut on an Instagram post). Blossoming Gifts very kindly gifted me this bouquet, which  basically means they’re better at sending me flowers than my boyfriend is. Super.

Copper is everywhere in my apartment, but I’ve got this irrational fear that one day I’ll wake up and hate rose gold so I have to redo my entire house. LiteCraft sent me a gorgeous lamp with copper tripod legs which I’ve photographed the crap out of – isn’t it beaut?

I love greenery, too, so I’ve got little succulents and ferns and leafy things all over the shop: I have those little cacti from Ikea too, so that basically means I’m a successful blogger. (Doesn’t it?)


all copper homeware pieces: new look

initial cushion: george at asda

glass lungo cup: nespresso

copper lamp: litecraft

marble mac case: coconut lane (get 20% off with code ALMOSTCOUTURE20)



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