If you’ve not been living under a fashion rock recently, you’ve probably heard all about the Kenzo X H&M collaboration that went live a few days back. Kenzo are really having their moment in the sun (remember when they were a bit chavvy and uncool? I just can’t get past that stigma, NGL) so this capsule collection sold like wildfire. The site crashed, people queued for hours to get their hands on a jumper or dress or tiger-print pink boots (wut), and the pieces are selling for three times their value on eBay. So lucky me, right?

sweatshirt: kenzo x h&m

Okay, being honest? I don’t like this sweatshirt that much. Not because it’s horrid, because it isn’t – I think it was all just overhyped and overpriced so now I’ve been left a bit cold.

It took me 45 minutes to buy some Kenzo pieces, thanks to the buggered-up website, and I was definitely suckered into the marketing hype (along with loads of others – check out this Tweet here); I got the frill neck sweat which is so small it wouldn’t fit a malnourished child, this “size large” men’s shirt (giving my self esteem a boost there. Not) and a jersey tee for £25 that I’m planning on wearing to bed. So basically, some really spenny loungewear that will be worn solely around the house.

There’s nothing wrong with this sweatshirt: it’s soft inside and is very obviously from Kenzo, if you’re into your LOOK I’M WEARING A DESIGNER LABEL pieces. The sizing is pretty small: I bought a medium in the orange sweatshirt and it’s teeny, and this large – which is, due to a mix-up, the men’s version – isn’t exactly swamping me. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I was decidedly underwhelmed by this; frankly, I doubt I’ll wear it much, bar hangover days on the sofa and to take the bins out. Because I’m classy.



3 thoughts on “KENZO X H&M

  1. The sweatshirt looks lovely on you! But I know what you mean, I’ve never been convinced of the H&M collabs… They have to downgrade on quality/design because of H&M’s price point and whilst it’s great to make designer pieces more accessible, it still seems like a lot of money for something that’s partly H&M! We all fall for the marketing hype at some point 😔 x


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