If you know me well (or actually, not that well), you’ll probably know that I’m not one to hold my tongue. About anything, really. I try not to be rude or brusque or one of those people who’re like I just say things like I see them (those people are the worst type of people. Seriously. Stop being a dick), but I’m certainly opinionated – and not all of my opinions are widely received…

If you want to know what sort of things I just CANNOT GET ON BOARD WITH or FIND A BIT LIMP, take a look below. We’ll probably end up having a barney, though.

  • I don’t like avocados. At all.
  • I don’t see the point in a pumpkin spice latte. It’s too sweet and it smells like potpourri. (Where do I hand my basic bitch membership card back in?)
  • I like cats, but I don’t like dogs, which apparently makes me a Satanist.
  • I like the Great British Bake Off. In fact, I’m watching it whilst writing this post – Candice is piping meringue onto some sort of breast-implant-shaped mould, if you’re interested – but I don’t LOVE it. It’s alright, as kind of background TV whilst I paint my toenails.
  • I do not understand why everyone thinks Emma Watson is so fit.
  • Ditto with Anna Kendrick.
  • I find the majority of vloggers (Zoella, I’m looking at you) TOE-CURLINGLY CRINGEWORTHY. I also do not understand why they are so idolised, or why having their name on a foil calligraphy print makes it retail for £25, or why people sit through a twenty minute video of them unboxing toiletries.
  • Kate Middleton got lucky and married royalty and will live happily ever after in her castle and Hobbs dresses and LK Bennett heels, so can we all stop pretending she’s the second coming of Christ, please?
  • Those Nationwide adverts where people from East London rap poetry whilst sat on the floor in the middle of a council estate? The ones people say made them cry because they’re SO EMOTIONAL AND POIGNANT? I hate them. They make me irrationally irritated.
  • I believe that 99.9% of clothes don’t need ironing.
  • I think Zara is overpriced and overrated.
  • I really like Kim Kardashian.
  • I didn’t think Me Before You was a particularly good book.
  • I thought Fifty Shades of Grey was a GOD AWFUL book.
  • Whilst I really enjoy blogging – and think most bloggers are lovely people – a small proportion of bloggers are greedy and spoilt and rude. And kind of mean. This week I’ve seen a member of my marketing team cry because of a blogger’s attitude; a blogger lynch a member of the public over social media for having an opinion, going so far to tag her employer in the  scathing tweets; and a group of girls slagging off a brand on Twitter for not offering to pay them, just give them free products, which was taken as a massive insult. Yeah, you’ve got 40k Instagram followers, but you’re not Beyonce. Get over yourself.
  • Speaking of Beyonce: she’s alright. Just fine. Decidedly okay.
  • I like London, for like a day. And then it’s busy and noisy and dirty, and I’ve run out of money and my feet hurt, so really, it sucks.
  • I’d rather have pets than babies.
  • Justin Bieber looks like a thirteen year old boy, and is categorically not ‘fit’. Yuck.
  • I think Harry Potter is for children. Not for grown-ups.
  • Snap with Disney.

Before anyone takes any of this personally – whilst they are my opinions, if you disagree with me, I 100% respect you, and wouldn’t ever hate on ya for having a different one. One love, etcetera.

Except if you’re not a cat person: then we’ll never get on.



12 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS

  1. I absolutely love this post. God, watching those Nationwide adverts is physically painful. Zoella makes my skin crawl, I just think she’s ridiculously fake and get this vibe that she’s actually a really miserable bitch off-camera. I love your blog x

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