This post was going to be all about my new parka (because I’ve FINALLY bought myself an autumn-appropriate casual coat. Can we rejoice?), but actually it’s just going to be a photo dump of my new, caramel-toffee-bronde-blonde ombre hurrrrr. Yay!

parka: noisy may at asos | top: asos | jeans: new look | boots: jigsaw | bag: chanel

I’ve wanted to be blonde forever, and after putting my brunette hair extensions in the washing machine and ruining them (don’t ask) I decided now was the time to try it out. This colour is a little warmer than I wanted – it’s more of a honey caramel than blonde, and probably needs a few rinses with a silver shampoo to make it a little more ashy – but given my hair used to be ginger, I love the results. What do you guys think?



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