I’ll be honest; I’ve never been great with flat shoes. Or at least, I wasn’t, until I broke both of my legs. At the same time. (Oops.)

Whenever it’s a work or social event, and someone does that super annoying EVERYONE SAY A FUN FACT ABOUT YOURSELF!! thing that makes you realise quite how boring you are, I trot this one out. I broke both of my legs at the same time on my birthday night out two years ago: the short version of the story is that I was wearing stupidly high heels, drank far too many watered-down Woo-Woos and fell over a beer bottle in the doorway of a Revs. (Did someone say classy? Probably.)


trainers: woden at tessuti

The result of this was 17 pins and 3 plates, three fairly impressive scars and a warning not to wear high heels again for the foreseeable future. (LOL OKAY MR SURGEON). I ignored this advice, took up running (I don’t know why either, okay?), promptly snapped several of the pins inside my ankles and resigned myself to a lifetime of hobbling around in heels, because I was seriously offended by the thought of flats.

However, I’ve learnt that this is stupid, and putting myself through unnecessary pain 24/7 makes no sense. I’ve started buying statement flats and trainers that won’t leave me crippled, but also look good, and these beaut gold trainers from Tessuti are no exception. Look how pretty they are…


*products in this post kindly gifted to me by Tessuti


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