OH HEY GUYS. How’s things?

I never do ‘life lately’ type posts, mainly because my life is so horrifically dull I can’t imagine anyone actively reading about it with avid interest. However, I’ve just had an utterly glorious eleven days off work, during which I lay on a beach, drank gin and thought about everything I want to achieve this year and next. So I thought I’d tell you all about it…

mac skin: coconut lane | coat: primark | top (just seen): river island | jeans: new look

As I said, I’ve just got back from holiday – I went to Mallorca with my boyfriend, which was the most relaxed and chilled I’ve felt in about a zillion years. HOWEVER. Oh, the however. Lying on a beach for seven days and looking around at everyone in their teeny tiny bikinis made me realise that I’m really not happy with my health and fitness right now – it was actually a bit of a dampener at times, when I’m feeling like Shamu in my one-piece and a Spanish Gigi Hadid flits past. I think over the next few months a major health kick is in order, to feel less gross and look better in the mirror…

Some exciting (if not terrifying) news – the boyfriend is packing up his zillions of trainers (WHY do boys have so many?) and is moving into my flat. I’ve never really lived with a boy before, so I’m having a small – but severe – panic about WHERE ALL HIS THINGS WILL GO. He’s threatening to take over my hall cupboard (AKA: where all my winter coats are proudly displayed) with his golf clubs, and doesn’t seem to appreciate my love of scented candles or scatter cushions, but I’ll hopefully mould him in time. If not, I’ll just get a cat instead.

Going to be totally honest with you all here – I’ve become a bit disillusioned with the whole blogging thing recently. Not for any particular reason – it’s just one of those months where it feels more like a chore than a hobby. ALSO – and this is probably a massive, controversial statement that’ll get me blacklisted from any online blogger groups: I’m getting a bit sick of the pious nature of the blogging community. I keep seeing full time bloggers complaining that they never have any money and it’s so hard and unfair, and how we should all pay to advertise on their sites or buy their merchandise to SUPPORT THEM, and it’s like: suck it up. You chose to be a full time blogger, which obviously comes without a regimented income, so tough tits – I work 9-6 and blog when I get home, and I don’t have a photographer or loads of free stuff sent to me constantly, but I manage without complaining all the time. It then drives me insane seeing all these people fawning all over them, too; whilst I’m all for supporting each other, sometimes it seems a bit fake and insincere – or even like they’ve been a bit brainwashed. Maybe it’s just me being horrible and negative and a Debbie Downer?

Work-wise, it’s consistently manic and unpredictable as ever: working in fashion is like one giant rollercoaster of emotions, and whilst I love it, I stress about it constantly (you cannot understand quite how excited I was for my holiday. Ridiculous amounts). I ran the MyBag Pre-LFW Party a few weeks back which was possibly one of the most chaotic and stressful moments of my career so far, but reading all the blog posts about it genuinely made my day. (Also, during the evening, a blogger told me it was the best event she’d been to, and I TEARED UP LIKE A LITTLE BITCH. Stress levels were sky high that evening, people.) I really want to do more events and PR and general face-to-face stuff with bloggers and industry influencers soon, so watch this space…

I guess that’s about it really (told you my life was boring), so we’ll have to catch up soon – why not follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more nonsense?



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