I hate shopping for swimwear. Absolutely, categorically despise it: I don’t like looking at my body at the best of times, and in a bikini, there’s literally nowhere to hide from all the bits I don’t like – nightmare.

However, when having a browse on Asos the other day – trying to find some swimwear that wouldn’t make me look like a humpback whale for my upcoming holiday to Mallorca –  I spotted this little Moschino number in the sale. There was only one left, and in my size, and it was reduced by 60% – it was like fate – so I snapped it up, fully expecting it to look gross when I finally pulled it on. But actually, it looks alright. Passable. Won’t make kids cry. Plus, it looks just like a statement body when worn underneath skirts and trousers – you guys know how much I love a reusable bargain…


blazer: dorothy perkins | swimsuit (as a body): moschino | trousers: asos | shoes: missguided






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