The other day at work, I wrote this article here about how to know if you’re obsessed with social media. I identify with about 99.9% of the points raised, because – I’ll admit it – I’m a massive social media junkie. Mostly Instagram. And mostly, because I love a good selfie.

A good selfie is an art form (I think, anyway), and it can take a while to get the lighting just so, and for your makeup to look quite right. I know where to take selfies in my apartment to get the best lighting (bedroom window, FYI)  and I think I’ve got the trout-pout-duck-face thing down. However, I’m always on the hunt for products which will up my selfie game and get me photo-ready – which is where Deciem comes in.

Deciem’s tagline is ‘the abnormal beauty company’ – how cute is that? – and they stock all sorts of brands which are a little outside the box. Recently they sent me an exciting little package of goodies, which I just had to blog about – because the treats were seriously up my street.

Hylamide HA Blur Finisher

So what exactly is the HA Blur Finisher? The website states that ‘HA Blur uses an unusual new form of Hyaluronic Acid powder base for its blurring approach. The blurring effect is exceptional’. Basically, this product makes imperfections disappear and makes your skin look flawlessly airbrushed – dream.

I like to use this like a primer, but you can mix with foundation or apply over the top. It’s silky smooth, doesn’t smell and leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft; it also makes my makeup lock in place all day, which is absolutely brill. I’ll admit that I didn’t see a massive difference by way of a ‘blurred’ effect, but my skin did look glowier and smoother after use, so I take that with a pinch of salt. I am literally in love with this product, and I have a real hard time finding primers (MAC Prep & Prime, you’re useless), so would wholeheartedly recommend.

Hylamide Photography Foundation (Transparent)

Out of the products I received, this is hands down my fave – it’s like it was made for me (and my selfie addiction.) Again, the official blurb is ‘next-generation “transparent” foundation is designed specifically to make the skin look better for the camera lens while blurring away imperfections in real life’ – what more could a girl want?

I add a drop of this to my foundation when it’s on my brush, then use my cheek as a palette (such a professional) before buffing over my face. Firstly, this ups the staying power of my foundation by miles – I’ve noticed when paired with the primer my skin is way less oily and my makeup stays in place a lot longer. Secondly, it definitely buffs out more easily, and looks more airbrushed than usual; I’ve noticed this in pictures, too. I use this every day now, and I’m officially hooked: get your hands on this as soon as you can!

I’m yet to try my final product – the Hylamide Booster Glow – but if the other two are anything to go by, I’m sure I’ll love this just as much. If you’re a selfie whore like myself, you need these bits in your life…


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