My hair is a bit of a disaster. Or, it was, a few years ago – I bleached it blonde in my university sink (spoiler alert: it didn’t work) and had it all cut off as a result. For the last four years I’ve been willing it to grow, leaving it as au natural as possible.

However, I went red for a little while – not that trashy Rihanna red, but a fabulous copper that I utterly adored. Sadly bleaching my hair every two weeks just wasn’t feasible, so I went back to brunette; however, the hair extensions I had weren’t quite the right colour, so needed dying. Cue a Googling sesh of ‘how to dye hair extensions’…

Dying hair extensions is literally just as easy as dying your normal hair – that is, if they’re human hair. Please don’t try and dye synthetic extensions, because it’ll just end in disaster, and waste your time and money. Okay? Okay.

Dye Human Hair Extensions (4)


Difference between dying extennys and your real hair? They’re not attached to your head, so you have to dye them on a surface. I cut up bin bags, carrier bags or cling film when dying mine, using them like a barrier between the wet hair and the table.


Make sure your extensions are thoroughly knot-free, and I like to close all the clips so they don’t get tangled. Mix the product as you would normally, leaving it inside the squeeze bottle or decanting into a hair-dye bowl.

Dye Human Hair Extensions (3)


Lying each extension flat on the cling film, I squiggle over some dye (techinal term, that) and then comb it through with gloved hands until each strand is evenly coated. Get right up to the seam, and make sure to work the product through each side of the hairpiece, so the back strands get some colour, too.


I never leave hair dye on my extensions as long as I do on my actual hair – usually only about 15 minutes for the colour to take. Once ready, I dump the hair in the bath and let the shower rinse them off for about five minutes, or until the excess is sluiced away, then use my hands to work the product out; once the water runs clear, I tend to shampoo them. I wouldn’t do this with my real hair, but I’ve found that sometimes I leave product in the extensions which can smell a bit gunky, or damage my straightening irons.

Dye Human Hair Extensions (6)


Once all the dye is out, just dry your extensions as normal. I use a round brush to blow dry them – I wedge one end in a drawer so I can get some tension in the strands when they’re being dried.



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