This weekend, I felt like an utter loser. All of my friends were busy, at work, or out of the country; my boyfriend was off doing manly things; even my parents were out, loving life at a Mary Chapin Carpenter concert. (Yes, really.) So I had no plans, because nobody would play with me. Boo.

I wallowed in my misery for about five minutes, and then realised I could take the opportunity to treat myself to a ‘date night’: a full evening of doing things I wanted, when I wanted. Got a spare evening? Here are some of my favourite solo date night activities…



All the food, all for you. When it’s just me, I like to whip up something extra special and extra delicious…and then eat it all. *heavy bloated breathing*


I LOVE shit TV; personal favourites include Come Dine With Me, Dinner Date, Take Me Out (you see where I’m going with this list). Sadly, my boyfriend does not share my enthusiasm for take-your-brain-out TV, and makes his displeasure known when I force him to watch them with me – so when he’s away, I binge watch all of those terrible shows that only I can appreciate.


I get such a sense of accomplishment when I manage to fit in a weekend pamper sesh – going to bed with a fresh layer of tan, filed nails, plucked eyebrows and shaved legs has to be one of the best feelings in the world. (Currently smelling of biscuits with damp nails as we speak, y’all).


Probably not the most exciting date night activity, but I like to take advantage of being solo and finishing off all those menial, bitty tasks that I’d never choose to complete over seeing friends: things like washing my makeup brushes, cleaning out my wardrobe, or finishing off a load of blog posts.


Not gonna lie: now I’ve got Asos Premier (aka THE BEST THING EVER), I know that I can have a browse, buy a load of stuff and have it on the doorstep by the next morning. So whilst I’m waiting for my pizza to arrive and watching back-to-back Friends, I like to have a gander at the sales and buy myself a little something. Or lots of things, depending on my mood. #sorrynotsorry.




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