Christian Louboutin and I have a real love-hate relationship.

I adore the brand – honestly, I do. I think it’s so iconic, the styles are absolutely beautiful, and the red-sole signature is just ingenious. I have a Christian Louboutin print on my dressing room wall, I can sniff out a pair of Pigalles at twenty paces, and I’ve spent hours of my life stroking them in department stores.  Yet I only own one pair.

I only own one pair of Christian Louboutins because they are the most cripplingly painful shoes I’ve ever worn. They ruined my feet like no other pair of shoes have managed to do; my feet were actually bleeding within about ten minutes of wearing them. I’ve tried breaking them in, wearing them with plasters; nothing works. For the price point they are, I can’t bring myself to try another style, out of pure fear they’ll make my feet fall off, or turn black. Or something equally as gross.

So when Christian Louboutin announced their line of cosmetics a while back, I was pretty thrilled – I could still buy into the lifestyle of the brand, and be able to walk. Win-win.

christian louboutin velvet matte lipstick in rococotte

This lipstick isn’t the first product I’ve got from the Christian Louboutin beauty range – I’ve also got the red nail polish, which I got from New York within days of it being released. Whilst the packaging is beautiful (and, frankly, could be used as a weapon – the handle is a to-scale stiletto heel, with a super sharp tip), it did leave me a little cold; the colour chips in minutes, even with a topcoat. It now takes pride of place on my dressing table, but mainly for the prettiness factor than anything else.

So when I received this Christian Louboutin lipstick as a gift, part of me was a bit dubious – would it be a case of style over substance again?

Oh my God, you guys. I’m in love. This lipstick is just perfect – velvety to apply, long lasting colour and (possibly most importantly) the most jazzy packaging of any beauty product ever. I feel like a right boss bitch applying this in public – how gorgeous is the lipstick bullet? – and the colour is a perfect dark nude (think Kylie-Jenner-esque).

These lipsticks retail for around £65, which is a bit steep for a lippie – I never take this anywhere that I could lose it, or on nights out. However, for a special purchase, I say do it – the colours are utterly classic and they’re just too beautiful to resist.



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