I may shock you here, guys, so hold onto your hats – I wear a lot of makeup. Like, enough for my mother to give me a disapproving look when I’m leaving the house, and for my boyfriend to say “your under eyes are so much paler than your forehead. Is it meant to look like that?”

Whilst I’m young, I don’t care – pink lipstick and glitter lashes are the way. However, because I like to wear heavy, full coverage cosmetics, it becomes really noticeable when they wear off throughout the day – I’m on a constant quest to find those long-lasting beauty products. Which is where theatrical stage makeup comes in…

Stage Makeup.JPG

There aren’t many differences between stage makeup and regular, off the shelf cosmetics – it’s really just about the heaviness and pigmentation of the product. If you’re on the stage, your look needs to be seen right from the back of the auditorium, so theatrical cosmetics tend to be darker or brighter than your usual products; apart from that, they’re pretty much the same.

I got my hands on a variety of products from theatrical stores, which I incorporated into my beauty regime – have a gander at what I thought below…

ben nye luxury powder

If you’ve never heard of Ben Nye Banana Powder, you must have been living under a rock. It’s not a particularly new thing, these days – Kim Kardashian et al have made it a household name for highlighting, and I jumped on the bandwagon a year or so ago.

I use Ben Nye powders for setting and illuminating my undereyes, down my nose, and my chin. I’ve got two – Buff for when I’ve not got tan on, and Banana for when I’m luminous orange – and whilst I like the consistency of them, they’re not particularly miraculous at staying put all day; I notice the powder wears from my nose fairly quickly, so I have to top up throughout the day.

mehron celebre hd pro foundation

This is the foundation Kylie Jenner supposedly uses, and is super thick and buildable on the skin. It comes in a pan and it’s advised you buff this on with a damp beauty blender or stippling brush, to layer the foundation to a desired consistency.

However, I have to admit – I hate this foundation. When I first tried it, I really liked it – until I touched my face, which was practically damp due to greasiness. It moves around regardless of how much you set it, and it wears away in hours – scrubbing this off literally feels like heaven.

rca no color powder

Yet another setting powder that I’ve added to my collection, the RCA No Color Powder is meant to create a ‘veil’ over your foundation, without altering the colour. It’s totally clear on the skin, and I use it as a baking powder – applying it thickly on highlighted areas, leaving for ten minutes, then buffing away with a fluffy brush.

This powder is definitely better at lasting than the Ben Nye, and a little goes a really long way. However, it’s still not ground-breaking; I wouldn’t say this is any better or worse than a regular drugstore powder.

I think using stage makeup is good if you find the right products for you – I’m still looking, but the Ben Nye Banana Powder and RCA No Colour Powder will tide me over on the way!



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