Is here anything more exciting than that new-hair-extensions smell? (Ew.)

After realising my current hair extensions were starting to disintegrate, I decided to take the plunge and actually buy a new set. Previously, I’ve always bought Dirty Looks quad wefts, but they’ve hiked the prices up, so I went looking for a new brand to try – which is how I found FoxyLocks.


foxy locks volumizer wefts x2: cocoa 

I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised with these extensions – having not used Foxy Locks before, I was a bit concerned about what the quality would be like. The colour match is great – the photos onsite are really true to the shade – and they were beautifully soft and silky.

I usually go for extensions which have the most hair on the least clips; I’m not a fan of a whole head of wefts on a daily basis, so these volumiser pieces were perfect. I did trim them – 20″ is fairly long for me, as my hair is only shoulder length – and it would have been nice to have an option of lengths to choose from (these volumiser wefts only come in one size.)

They’ve curled, straightened and washed well, with minimal strand loss; I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to buy some new extennys. Foxy Locks have an ombre set onsite which I’ve got my eye on next, too…



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