So I was really enjoying this outfit, until someone told me I looked like I was auditioning for a part in Grease as a Pink Lady. Thanks, pal.

I’ve wanted a bomber jacket for-e-v-e-rrrrr – they’re so on-trend right now and that ideal transitional piece for the warmer weather. I’ve seen a couple knocking around in stores and online, but I like my jackets a slightly longer length – most bombers seem to be cropped, or sit right on the waist. Luckily, I stumbled upon this Primark (yes, really) number by chance, which is just perfect…

bomber jacket: primark | cami: new look | jeans: missguided | shoes: christian louboutin

Admittedly, pink, shiny fabric isn’t the most cutting-edge, but I couldn’t resist. I’m a little in love with this jacket, and for £15 it’s one of those pieces I don’t feel bad about throwing on the backseat of my car, or using as a blanket on the grass when I’m sunbathing.

I didn’t want to look too jazzy, so kept the rest of my look black, with my new fave denims from Missguided and a plain black New Look cami. Shoes-wise I opted for flats (wut), digging my Christian Louboutin Candy Flats out of my wardrobe (where they are now banished to, as they are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes in the world. Ever.)

Almost Couture (3)


6 thoughts on “PINK

  1. Can i ask why these CL candy flats are the most uncomfortable? Was planning to get one online but not sure of its authenticity. Now im very curious to hear from you

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