I have legit got a case of the humpday blues this week – I swear the days are dragging by and the weekend is never going to roll around. (Just call me Positive Polly). Being miserable calls for a sombre, no-nonsense outfit, so today’s look is monochrome – with a hint of something special, thanks to my Skinnydip ‘I wish this was vodka’ phone case and silver, spiky shoes.


blouse: asos | culottes: topshop | shoes: asos | phone case: skinnydip via asos

I’m a big fan of this white blouse – it’s seriously oversized and billowy, which everyone knows is my favourite kind of style. I usually wear it with ripped jeans, but opted for my (bargain fiver) leather-look culottes this morning, as I’ve been sticking with denims a little too much lately…

Shoes wise – how downright beau are these caged heels from Asos? I usually try and stay away from stilettos because of the time I wore them and broke both my legs*, but decided it’s time to ease myself back into the world of scary thin heels; there are only so many block heeled sandals a girl can buy. These pointy numbers only have a 3” heel, so are super easy to walk in, and so damn comfy it’s insane – I’ve trotted all round work in them today with no problems whatsoever. And you know how much I love comfy shoes.

Finally, let’s take a moment to appreciate the absolute sass of this Skinnydip phone case; because when you’re having a crap day, you’ll probably wish whatever’s in your coffee cup really is vodka.

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*yes, really


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