Wearing white is a dangerous game for me. I love fake tan and I’m the clumsiest person on the planet, so my white clothes don’t often stay white for long (I spilt foundation on this shirt a few hours after these photos were taken, and it’s currently soaking in my kitchen sink – told you).

blouse: asos | jeans: missguided | shoes: valentino 

I love slouchy, oversized shirts and blouses, and this tie-front blouse is just that. On the Asos website, the tie is styled much tighter under the bust, but I prefer to leave it loose and floaty; these black, high-waisted Missguided jeans are tight enough to offset the top half.

I usually opt for Topshop jeans, but for £40 a time, I’ve started to resent paying this much for some casual, chuck-on denims; these Missguided ones are almost identical to the Joni style, and half the price at £22.

Finally, can we all take a moment to bask in the glory of my Valentino Rockstud heels – a birthday present from me to me, these shoes will never, ever leave my feet.


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