Two things. One, I had literally just picked up my new car, which is why I’m basically draped across the bonnet in all of these pictures; and two, this post feels a bit of a cop-out (sorry) given the similarities to what I wore here. But get over it, because this jacket is mega and deserves a moment in the sun.

P.S; my car is called Mary-Jane. Everybody say hey.

suede jacket: mango | snood: hobbs | sunglasses: ray-ban | jeans: topshop | shirt: topshop | shoes: senso | ring: cartier | bracelets: miu miu and tiffany | bag: chanel | car: fiat 500 pop

Moving from winter – where black was firmly my go-to colour – into spring, I’m wearing a lot more khaki, navy, camel and grey; basically, leaving the funeral vibes behind. Even though the basics of this look (Topshop jeans with a simple green shirt) are fairly dull, a khaki suede jacket from Mango, furry snood from Hobbs, mirrored sunnies from Ray-Ban and leopard-print heels from Senso make it something quite special.

Almost Couture (3)


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