Oh look – another totally monochrome outfit. What a surprise.

I used to live in blazers, but recently fell a bit out of love with them due to the cold weather. However, now it’s marginally warmer, I’ve cracked out a few of my old favourites to wear in the office; this grey jersey TopShop blazer has served me well over the years, and whilst I’m only wearing a scratty old polo neck and ancient leather leggings (gosh, I’m such a great fashion blogger, aren’t I?), it makes the outfit a little more formal and tailored.

blazer: topshop | polo neck: new look | leather leggings: mint velvet | shoes: mcq alexander mcqueen | earrings: new look

I think I need to start injecting a little more colour into my outfits, but this dove-grey blazer is a start. Also, are you sick of seeing these shoes yet? Sorry not sorry.


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