I’m not a huge wearer of jeans really: they never massively suit me, and I usually gravitate towards being super overdressed instead. However, I have a secret crush on ripped denim: I always feel so utterly sassy when I’ve got a few tears in my trousers. I’m a bit over skinnies at the moment, so these extreme boyfriend jeans are the perfect alternative; really slouchy and relaxed, I’ve folded up the cuffs to make them especially casual.

shirt: asos | jeans: river island | shoes: new look | cup:

I’ll be honest: this was not ideal weather for nude, barely-there sandals (what you can’t see in these pictures is the torrential rain lashing down), but I persevered and wore them anyway. Chucking on a white shirt, this is the ideal outfit for dress-down Friday. (P.S – how cute is this cup? is legit my new favourite store. You’re welcome.)



What’s your casual Friday style?




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