I don’t do casual very well.

I really wish  I was one of those girls – you know the ones; who look downright flawless in a tatty old jumper with their hair scragged back. The girls who don’t need to wear makeup because they look equally as banging without it, and that don’t look like a meth addict if they wear tracksuit bottoms. Sadly, I’m just not one of those girls, so I tend to overdress 99.9% of the time; however, when it’s Casual Friday, you’ve just got to go casual.

jumper: topshop | jeans: new look | trainers: nike

This is possibly the most unflattering outfit I’ve ever worn, but it was super comfortable (and fit with the Casual Friday vibe.) This old Topshop jumper is soft and snuggly, and covers a multitude of sins with a dipped hem – although sometimes can expose a little too much cleavage. Deep v-necks are not my friend, let’s be honest.

I love ripped jeans, because whilst I’m unashamedly vanilla in all aspects of life (ooh-er), a few tears in my denims can make me feel like a real rebel. After a few too many goes in the tumble drier they’ve gone a bit short, but it kind of works when paired with my Nike trainers. (‘You’re still in heels,’ my friend Beth pointed out. ‘They’ve got a wedge, they don’t count as flat shoes.’ It’s about as close as I’ll get. Leave me alone.) 


What’s your Casual Friday style?


3 thoughts on “CASUAL FRIDAY

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