The jazzier the accessory, the better, in my eyes. My friend Beth frequently desccribes me as ‘garish’ (thanks, doll), but frankly, life seems so much more exciting with an injection of sass.

These Wildfox sunglasses are just that: sassy af, and unapologetically outrageous. I got these sunglasses from MyBag, and they’ve barely left my face since purchase: they are quite simply my favourite accessory of the season.

sunglasses: wildfox couture | coat: missguided

I like to think I look a bit like a space alien in them, but I legitimately couldn’t care less. These frames are called Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses, and whilst they come in navy too, the white ones really called out to me – the more statement, the better.

My coat is an old favourite, and with this cold weather, is permanently attached to my body. Seriously, as much as I love this Missguided number, where is the warm weather?

What’s your favourite statement accessory?



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