I love Kim Kardashian for several reasons. Her (questionable, but fiercely on point) wardrobe. Her stupidly named children. Her seeming oblivion to her moron of a husband.

However, my real love for Kimmy K is because she transformed the face of modern makeup – thanks to the wonders of contouring. Because of her, women everywhere are wandering around with chiselled cheekbones and jutting-out jaw lines, when previously they looked like the Pilsbury Dough Boy. For giving me a bone structure, Kim, I’m truly thankful.

kat von d shade & light palette | clinique chubby contour stick | anastasia beverly hills cream contour kit

Because I’m so utterly obsessed with contouring, and it’s become an everyday part of my beauty routine, I thought I’d share my favourite contouring products with you…

clinique chubby contour stick

This little baby has changed my makeup game – entirely for the better. I did a full review on the Clinique Contour Stick here (back when my blog was an utter car crash – forgive me), and I’ve come to love it.

It’s the easiest contour product to use ever – the formula is creamy, it blends well and it’s not too orange. Plus, it’s a steal at £19 – what a dream.

kat von d shade and light palette

Oh look – I’ve already reviewed this, too. I use this palette daily – as you can tell from the seriously depleted highlighting shades – and it’s a great staple to have knocking about in your makeup bag. I’ll be honest: the highlighting shades aren’t much cop, and I find I touch it up quite a lot throughout the day, but the contour colours are great.

anastasia beverly hills cream contour kit 

What was the point in this article? You guessed it – I’ve written about this already.

Much like the Kat Von D palette, whilst I like aspects of the ABH Cream Contour Kit, there are parts I don’t like very much. I find the dark shades pretty muddy, and hard to blend, but I’m a huge fan of the pale colours. The winner for me is the top middle – it’s a sheer highlighter that is fab for strobing, when dabbed on with a beauty blender.

Which contouring products are your favourites?


*some products were kindly gifted to the blog for review 



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