I love leopard print. If it was socially acceptable, and wouldn’t make me look like Pat Butcher on acid, I’d wear it from my head to my toes on a daily basis. (Not quite sure what that says about me as a person, but c’est la vie.)

So imagine my absolute delight when I stumbled upon this little number in the Coach store at Cheshire Oaks; a teeny little leopard print cross-body bag, which was reduced from (wait for it) £400 down to £81. What a time to be alive for a leopard-print aficionado like myself…

bag: coach | skirt: asos | blouse: topshop | watch: akribos | earrings: new look

How bloody adorable is this? Also, a weird one: it has a really good shoulder strap. You know those rubbish ones that slide off your shoulders all the time? This bag doesn’t have one of those. It’s an absolute dream.

The leopard print is just enough to make an impact, but not too much. I am officially in love…

Would you wear a leopard print bag?


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