I’ve been writing Almost Couture for almost a year now (how? How do I have this much time?), and whilst you guys probably know snippets about me, I don’t tend to talk about myself as a person – rather than a blogger – all that much.


I decided that for a little insight into who I am, I’d give you ten (slightly useless) facts about myself. I’m not a particularly interesting person, so bear with me here – if I run out, I’ll have to start listing my shoe size and inside leg measurement…

1. My name. It’s Lily. Out of sheer fear of my friends and relatives Googling me and stumbling upon my cringeworthy blog, I’ve kept my name out of posts – but I’m sure there are a zillion people named Lily in the world, so there you go.

Things I’m good at include:

2. Breaking bones. That time I broke both legs at the same time will be forever etched in my memory. As will the time I broke my back. And both wrists. (They’ve tested me for brittle bones, and it turns out I’m just clumsy.)

3. Self-deprecation. You may have gathered this from my blog beforehand, but I’m really good at putting myself down – probably not a particularly attractive trait, but it’s one I’m trying to work on. Promise.

4. Doing a spot-on impression of the woman who narrates MasterChef. I don’t think this one needs much explanation.

4a. And Mickey Mouse, too.

Things I’m terrible at include:

5. Walking in high heels. I hate walking in heels with a passion – I am yet to find a pair which don’t eventually make me walk like John Wayne. However comfy they are initially, they’ll rub, pinch and make my feet burn like a bitch – and don’t even get me started on stilettos. If only I didn’t love them so much…

6. Texting back. If your text isn’t urgent and/or hilarious, there’s a good chance I’ll forget to reply, and it’ll get buried in my WhatsApp archives. No offence – I’m just super forgetful.

7. Smiling with my teeth in photographs. Why does my nose grow in size when I do it? Where have all these chins come from? And oh look, my top lip has disappeared. Great.

I used to be:

8. Ginger. Startlingly, ravishingly, redheaded – and I miss it everyday, but simply couldn’t keep up with the constant dying. My hairdresser used to hate me.

9. Seriously overweight. Something I don’t really address – both on the blog and in my life – is the fact I used to be really, really hefty. About 5 stone more than I am now, in fact. I had a bit of a health kick three years ago, but there’s still a long way to go. (If you’d have told me I’d take photos of myself and plaster them all over the internet back then, I wouldn’t have believed you…)

My feet are size:

10. 7 and a half. Told you I’d run out of things to say.

Lots of love,


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