I’m a huge lover of fake tan – I’m never feeling happier than when smelling of biscuits with a tanning mitt in one hand. So when Cocoa Brown got in touch to ask if I’d like to try out their Cocoa Brown Fake Tanning Mousse, I was obviously super (super) excited…


tanning mousse: cocoa brown | deluxe tanning mitt: cocoa brown

This fake tanning mousse is such a dream – it glides on smoothly and the colour lasts for absolutely ages. I am in love with this mitt as well; it’s a velvety soft fabric on both sides, which is perfect for an even application.

I applied this tanning mousse before a night out in Manchester, and it gave me a gorgeous even glow; I put a little bit of moisturiser on my elbows and hands beforehand, which meant I had no awkward streaks or patchy bits (a serial tanner’s nightmare).

Check out Cocoa Brown here!

Which tanning mousse do you use?




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