I have such a love for labels – I am definitely one of those people who is persuaded to buy something purely because of the brand name. (The term ‘labelwhore’ most certainly springs to mind.)

Louis Vuitton is one of my favourite high end designers, and today I dressed head to toe in monogram – just because. I love how unapologetic and sassy it is, and how everything is in-your-face Louis; there’s no escaping that signature LV.


scarf: louis vuitton | bag: louis vuitton | polo neck: asos

DSCN0863DSCN0866 (2)

Which high-end designers or brands do you love?



4 thoughts on “I LOVE LOUIS

  1. LV is probably one of the few big names which you can get away with doing that with. Chanel and Louboutin are the other two that you can do it with. To an extent they’ve earnt that right through heritage and reputation. So go for it, flaunt it there’s no shame that!

    As for me, I sadly can’t get away with excessively open displays of luxury for fear of falling into certain racial stereotypes. To me luxury is about knowing and feeling it for myself, which explains my preference for Rupert Sanderson, Wolford and Armani.


  2. I really love Steve Madden – I know he’s not as high-end as Louis, but I love their minimalism and it’s easy on my college-student budget!


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