I hate January. It sucks. It is literally the Monday of months; that first, crappy, never-ending 31 days of the year where the weather is miserable, your pay packet has basically evaporated, and there’s absolutely nothing to look forward to.

Luckily for me, the wonderful people over at Beauty Expert were on hand to make sure I had a considerably better January than most. A late Christmas present, I received a rather fabulous hamper of goodies from them, designed to help pamper me inside and out…


i survived january by…not dieting

There’s a bit of a white lie here – I did technically (technically) go on a diet, because after Christmas, who doesn’t feel sluggish and downright revolting? However, I didn’t diet to the extreme that I normally do; I ate breakfast (which I never, ever do) and discovered an absolute adoration for Mornflake porridge – not only delish, it kept my cravings (of which there are plenty) at bay until lunchtime. Mostly. Ish.

i survived january by…keeping the elements at bay

January plays absolute havoc with my skin, especially my hands; they get dry, scaly and chapped in the winter. Among other things in my box of treats from Beauty Expert was the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream, which was an absolute lifesaver: it turned my shriveled claws into soft, beautiful hands once again.


i survived january by…pampering myself

After the shenanigans of Christmas and the New Year, my beauty routine had gone a little haywire. My hair looked a bit lacklustre, and my skin was tired and in need of some serious TLC; so I took the opportunity to properly pamper myself this month. Because, who actually does anything in January?

I treated my hair to the Grow Gorgeous High Strength Density Shampoo Intense this month, which is meant to promote fast, healthy hair growth. Once I realised that I didn’t need to use lots of product per wash (the first time, I poured half the bottle over my head and came out of the shower looking like I’d swum through chip fat), this shampoo gave me some serious volume and left my hair feeling silky soft and extra thick.


 How did you survive January?


some products were kindly gifted to the blog for review


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