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I’ve wanted to try the brand Morphe Brushes for ages; I see Morphe products frequently on Beauty Bay, featured in tutorials and reviewed on blogs, and all the hype has got me a little too excited…


Morphe 35N Matte Palette | Morphe G6 Flat Buffer Brush | Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush

Morphe 35N Matte Palette

You guys know me: I suck at eyeshadow. I think I’m relatively okay at the majority of other makeup trickery, but the smokey eye somehow eludes me.

This doesn’t stop me from hoarding eyeshadow palettes like they’re going out of fashion. I tend to pick up pricier palettes in the hope they’ll turn me inot some sort of eyeshadow pro, but have had mixed results; I loved the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette, but was super miffed with the Nars Narsissist Dual Intensity Palette, which offered little-to-no pigment.

This palette is only £16 (£16!) and, as we all know, I love a bargain. I really enjoy how all the colours are specifically matte – I’m going through a phase of wearing predominantly matte looks, so the fact there’s no pesky sparkly shades in this palette pleases me no end.


It’s a massive palette – when it arrived I was pretty taken aback about how much product you get. There’s 35 different shades for every look you could possibly want, and whilst the packaging is a bit plastic-y, it feels fairly sturdy and resiliant.

The pigmentation of these shadows was brill -honestly, I was so pleasantly surprised. The colours are true to pan, and go on smoothly and evenly; I used a fluffy brush to blend the shades, which worked beautifully too.

I’d definitely recommend this palette – frankly, for £16, there’s no excuse…

Morphe G6 Flat Buffer Brush | Morphe G30 Flat Contour Brush

Morphe are really known for their brushes, and after stocking up on loads of new products recently, I needed to invest in brushes to go with them. My Primark stippling brush was dying a death, so decided to move up in the world and get a decent one – I chose the G6 flat buffer brush – and to go with my new Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, I picked the G30 flat contour brush.


The G6 flat buffer brush is a small dual-fibre number which I use for buffing out my concealer. It’s lovely to use, with a weighty feel and soft bristles which don’t leave behind any lines or smudges.


The G30 brush initally left me a bit cold – I felt it gave quite severe, sharp lines when contouring. However, this was definitely down to my technique, and after a few attempts, I’ve got it down. It distributes product evenly, making my contour look as chiselled as possible – dream!

Have you tried any Morphe Brushes products?


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