I’ve wanted my lips doing for absolutely ages – way before Kylie Jenner made it the hottest thing since sliced bread. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I am an extreme pouter, but in reality my lips are a little thin and sad-looking.

After researching fillers for the last six months or so, I finally decided to take the plunge and book an appointment at The Face Doctor at the Trafford Centre, Manchester.


after 1.2ml of Juviderm

At my consultation, we discussed the look I wanted to achieve. My top lip was definitely the area I felt most self-conscious about, especially when I smile – it practically disappears – so, with the help of the nurse, we decided to use just over 1ml of Juviderm, to give me an impressive pout.

The nurse was an absolute star who did my procedure, and was so utterly lovely and reassuring throughout the entire thing. She explained every step of the process to me as we went along, and kept allowing me to check in a mirror to see if I was happy with the progress.

First, the numbing cream – I was slathered in it – and then the procedure began. The pain was hardly anything; after the first few injections, I barely felt it, and it’s by no means excruciating.

After defining the border of my top lip, the nurse injected the body of my lips with filler for volume. I have wonky lips to start with, so she corrected this by putting slightly more filler on one side.

I was absolutely over the moon with the results – they were exactly how I wanted them to look. We used 1.2ml of filler, and the whole thing took around 30-40 minutes, after discussing aftercare and any risks – they were seriously thorough and answered any questions I had.

The next morning, there was some slight bruising on my bottom lip, but nothing a little makeup couldn’t cover. Whilst my lips look much fuller than before, I’d definitely get them topped up in a few months time – I’m officially hooked.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend going to The Face Doctor for your lip fillers; staff are lovely, it’s convenient, and it’s a great price for beautiful results.

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3 thoughts on “LIP FILLERS

  1. Your lips look amazing! I’d love to get lip fillers, but the idea of them going wrong or being extremely painful has always put me off. Your experience sounds really lovely and the Trafford Centre is somewhere I’d feel dead comfy going to for the treatment, as well. Might put it on my wishlist for this year :}

    N xxx

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