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Before I started blogging, I wasn’t particularly fussed about cameras. My digital camera was chosen purely because it was pink (fabulous) and on sale in John Lewis (double fabulous), but in reality, it was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

camera: nikon l330

Since I’ve become one of those people who takes photos of everything (dear God, I love Instagram) I’ve realised my pink atrocity – or the pretty pants camera on my iPhone – just doesn’t really cut it any more.

However, I’m poor – too poor to get one of those snazzy, dead professional DSLR numbers that every blogger seems to have. I opted for the next best thing – a dinky little bridge camera from Nikon.

After trawling the Internet for what felt like forever, I settled on the Nikon L330 – admittedly, this one won out because (I’m such a cheapskate) it was on sale. Reduced from £200 to £90 at Argos, with 20 megapixels and 26x optical wide zoom, this looked ideal for a camera novice like me.

I’ve used this camera for the last few weeks, and can honestly say I love it. If you’re looking for something which takes crystal clear pictures, zooms beautifully (long distance outfit shots, I’m looking at you) and has self timer, filters and flash, this is the camera for you.

It’s not too heavy, fits neatly in my handbag and has a menu so easy to use, a child could manipulate it. Overall, I’m seriously enjoying this new gadget in my life…


The only downside that I can foresee is the use of batteries – this doesn’t have a rechargable one like most digital cameras. I can imagine suddenly needing to replace 4 AAs at once can be a bit of a pain – but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Additionally, there’s no wi-fi, which means you do have to connect your camera to get the pictures (so old fashioned), but you can use Eye-Fi SD cards in it. Dream!

Treat yourself to this little point and shoot number – you won’t regret it…

Which cameras do you use for blogging?


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