I have been lusting after the much-coveted Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit for ages now, and Christmas most certainly delivered…


Contouring  is, by far, my favourite part of applying my makeup. If you’ve ever read Almost Couture before, you’ll notice I have a massive stash of contouring products and brushes, and I can’t seem to stop collecting them. I’ve been absolutely desperate to get on the ABH bandwagon, but needed the Fair kit which seems to be stubbornly sold out everywhere – thankfully, it’s now back in stock here.

I have to say, I was expecting great things from this palette. It’s so raved about that I think my expectations may have been slightly too high…

Packaging-wise, I’m not a huge fan of the plastic-y, flimsy lid (and lack of mirror – what’s that about?). You also don’t get any form of instruction on how to use the kit, which could post a problem if you’re not great at contouring, or a novice to the trend. (I like to think I’ve watched enough YouTube tutorials to have got the hang of it by now, but, you know.)


The product is interesting to use, because it almost needs warming up before it blends well. Getting it onto my brush the first time took some serious effort, and it did look a little muddy initially; as the product has been used more often, it’s soften up in the palette, making it much easier to use.


The darker shades do blend well, and I like to define any lines with a slimmer brush before buffing it out with my Artis Oval 7 Brush. I do think I would have preferred the Light palette over the Fair, as once I apply a powder, I find it a bit more subtle than I would like. I never just contour with this alone, and top up the shadows with my Kat Von D Shine and Light Power Contour Palette.

I’m not massively enamored with the lighter shades, and feel like a decent concealer would do this just as well. They’re not really light enough for me – it’s not a bright enough highlight, in my opinion, but I do like fairly extreme definition.

I think used alone, this palette isn’t anything extraordinary – it’s nice, don’t get me wrong, and I really like the addition of the highlighting cream (middle pan, top row), which I use for strobing. It’s a little messy to use, and I’m not sure how long it will last as each pan looks relatively small, but I’m definitely going to persist.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the Kat Von D powder palette originally, but it’s grown on me massively – here’s hoping the Anastasia Beverly Hills one follows suit…

Which are your favourite products for contouring?



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