Something I’ve wanted to try for ages is the new range of brushes by Artis. (You’ll have seen them – those weird shiny things that look a bit like washing up brushes.)

I snagged one of these Artis brushes over Christmas – this one in particular is the Artis Oval 7 brush, supposedly designed for larger areas of the face (think foundation, contour, and blush application.)


I’ll admit – when I opened the packaging, I was a bit confused. Do you use it to apply the foundation, buff it, or smear it about? It’s not particularly clear, and is definitely a YouTube-tutorial job – I’d recommend watching a couple before you crack out your Artis brushes…

I used this brush to give my base an ‘airbrushed’ look. After blobbing foundation onto my face with my usual Mac brush, I used the Artis Oval 7 brush to gently buff out the product into all areas of my face.

Initially, I didn’t really get the hype about these – in my head, I assumed they were a bit of a fad, that probably wouldn’t do a better job than a regular beauty blending sponge or foundation brush. However, I was wrong. So, so, wrong.

This brush is downright amazing – it made my foundation look flawless and applied to perfection. It looked beautifully airbrushed and even, and made my contour look much softer and natural than usual.


If you’re dithering about buying these, do it now – you won’t regret it. I’m now eyeing up the entire collection…

Have you tried the Artis brushes?


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