little red riding hood

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I don’t care that Christmas is over – I’m still remaining defiantly cheery. The fairy lights are still blazing. I’m living off turkey leftovers. I’m downright refusing to take down my Christmas tree.

Whilst I wear a lot (a LOT) of black, and variations of black, around Christmas, I become a lot more flamboyant. Sequins, textures, and injections of bright colours work their way into my winter wardrobe, and this little red number is no exception.

coat: george at asda | jumper dress: river island | shoes: new look | bag: chloe 

Now – I’m not a label snob in any way. I don’t care about buying bits from Primark and pairing them with Chanel. However, there’s a part of me that’s always had a bit of a negative perception of supermarket clothing – I don’t really want to buy Fairy Liquid and sausages alongside jeans and jumpers…

So when driving home for Christmas and realising I’d forgotten a coat, I decided to bite the bullet and grab myself a cheap winter jacket from the Asda off the M6. (Not quite a shopping-at-Harrods type of story, but needs must.)

However – I was pleasantly surprised with this coat. It was £15 in the George sale, and it’s heavy, durable and fits really well. I also love the colour – it’s such a bright, cheerful cherry red. Whilst I bought this as an emergency coat, I now wear it regularly with a white tee and skinny jeans.


I love this jumper dress from River Island. It’s so comfy, and the perfect length – I often find knitted dresses are either far too short or weirdly long. I wear this for work with a belt and heels, or loose under coats for casual winter style.


This Chloe Paddington bag was one of the first designer pieces I ever bought – I saved up my money and bought this in Bergdorf Goodman in New York a zillion years ago. It’s such an iconic bag, but I do wish it had a shoulder strap – I’d use it so much more if I didn’t have to hold it all the time. (I’m lazy, I know…)


I’m absolutely loving these pointed, mid-heel Mary Janes from New Look; they’re not my usual style, but I think they’re just too cute. On paper, red, pointed, croc-patent shoes sound a bit of a disaster, but in reality, they’re downright adorable.

So Christmas has passed for another year, but with this Mrs-Clause-esque coat, I can remain obnoxiously jolly for another few days…

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One thought on “little red riding hood

  1. I like your idea: a plain white tee and jeans. I’d spice mine up with my super-large black knitted scarf (I’d literally freeze without it!) and snake print flats 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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