I love a good dupe. I love dupes for two reasons: I’m poor, and I’m greedy. Dupes are cheaper, saving me pennies, and also meaning I can buy more. (Told you I was greedy).

Whilst I don’t particularly like skimping on my everyday essentials, like powders and foundations, for those special-occasion-only products, dupes are a lifesaver. I love a bright lipstick, but because I wear them so rarely these days, I resent taking out a small bank loan to wear it three times.

As Mac is one of my favourite higher end beauty brands, here are a few of my go-to dupes when I start to hit pan…

mac amplified lipstick: impassioned & revlon colourburst: adorned

Both are insanely pigmented, and both are a shocking, rich, neon pink which lasts all day. I tend to layer the gloss over this lipstick to make my pout even more extreme, but it acts as an excellent dupe all on its own.

mac amplified lipstick: saint germain & topshop lipstick: tease

I admit – I don’t really wear lipsticks as light as this one anymore, but when I do, I like to make sure it’s touched up all day. (Nobody wants that gross pale-lipstick-stain look – you know, where it’s sort of worn away but leaves a weird stain on your mouth?)  I leave the Mac at home – I’ve lost far too many Ruby Woos on a night on the town – and take Topshop instead, as it’s such an excellent match.

mac lipliner: soar & rimmel lasting finish lipliner: tiramisu

Two of my absolute favourite lipliners here, and whilst Tiramisu is an excellent dupe, it’s a stand-out product in its own right. I wear these shades every day, and would almost go as far as to say that Tiramisu lasts longer on the lips than Soar does.

mac single shadow: vanilla & natural collection single shadow: sea shell

Basically identical, I use these eyeshadows for contouring around my browbone. Much like with the other dupes, I keep Sea Shell as my emergency/travel product, whilst the Mac is the star of the show at home. Both are equally as pigmented and long lasting.

What are your favourite high end dupes?


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